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New Swim Center at John Gaines Park to be part of Austin Design Week's Mueller Parks Tour on Thursday, November 10, 2016 from 3-5pm.


  • Wildflower Magazine, Fall 2016, "The Green Goes Up," by Amy McCullough
  • New York Times, "Making Every Raindrop Count," by Anne Raver, an article about the studio green roof
  • Natural Home, Jan/Feb 2011, “Design for Life: Austin: Green and Red-Hot,” by Carol Venolia
  • Architect, January 2011, “The Multitaskers,” by John Gendall
  • Texas Architect, March 2010, “14 Texans Elected to College of Fellows”
  • Texas Architect, Nov/Dec 2008, “Gauging Green,” article by architect on LEED rating system
  • The Good Life, Feb 2006, “Sustaining the Good Life” article by architect on sustainable design
  • Architecture for Architects, by Michael J. Crosbie, 2006, book with sections on work
  • Good House Cheap House, by Kira Obelensky, 2005, book with sections on work
  • Texas Architect, July/Aug 2005, “Point of Departure,” article by artist on public artwork
  • Texas Architect, Jan/Feb 2005, “1+1=3 - Austin Waldorf School Performing Arts Center and  Athletic Building,” by Larry Connelly
  • The Seattle Times: Pacific Northwest Magazine, Oct 2004, "Thoroughly Modern Modest," by David Berger, an article on the Donovan House
  • Austin American Statesman, January 31, 2004, “One for the Books,” by Jeane Claire van Ryzin, article on Daniel E. Ruiz Branch Library
  • Texas Architect, March/April 2004, “Daniel E. Ruiz Branch Library,” by Brian Fee
  • Texas Architect, March/April 2001, “Integrating Crafted Details,” article by artist on craft in architecture
  • Architectural Ironwork, by Dona Meilach, 2001, book with sections on work
  • The Contemporary Blacksmith, by Dona Meilach, 2000, book with sections on work
  • Texas Architect, Nov/Dec 1999, “UT Tower Reopens,” article on metalwork
  • Texas Monthly, July 1998, “The Handmade’s Tale,” article on work of 12 Texas artists
  • Romance of the Mission, by Elmo Baca, 1996, book on Mission Style with photos and information on work
  • Texas Architect, Jan/Feb 1999, “School Architecture - Franklin High School,” article on work
  • Texas Architect, Mar/Apr 1996, “Ranch Retreat,” article on work
  • Texas Architect, Jan/Feb 1996, “Schools of Thought,” article on work
  • Texas Architect, Nov/Dec 1995, “Garden Gateway,” article on work
  • Texas Architect, May/June 1994, “Playing Possum on Town Lake,” article on work
  •  Metropolitan Home magazine, May/June 1994, “Details” photo, description of work
  • In the Arts and Crafts Style, Barbara Meyer, 1992, book with information on work
  • Elle Decor magazine, November 1992, “Perennials,” article on work
  • Metropolitan Home magazine, November 1991, “Mission Accomplished,” photo of work
  • Garden Design magazine, Mar/Apr 1991, “In TX, An Architect Forges Ahead,” feature article
  • Fine Homebuilding, Aug/Sept 1991, “Metal in Detail,” feature article on work
  • Domain magazine, Sept/Oct 1989, “Field and Stream,” photos of work
  • Texas Architect, Nov/Dec 1989, “Artisanry – Fluid in the Metal,” feature article


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